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Cheryl Renee
Cheryl grew up in Cincinnati keeping one ear glued to the local Rock and R&B stations during the mid 1960s. She took piano lessons in elementary school but for the most part, Cheryl taught herself. She's been playing and singing professionally since she was 17. When she was 21, she hit the road (first stop, Las Vegas). Touring with various top 40 and show bands, she played most of the U.S. and Canada, then traveled overseas to Germany, Japan, Korea and the Philippines with the U.S.O. She didn't "settle down" for 11 years. When she did settle, it was in New England with her then husband and The Renee/Randall Blues Band. Cheryl was part of the Boston blues scene and played with Peter Giftos and The Blues Party at the opening of the original House of Blues in Massachusetts.

  Where is she now? Now living in Tennessee, she's been called Knoxville's "Goddess of the Blues". Check out Cheryl's schedule on her web site ( You can find her playing single, duo or with the Cheryl Renee Blues Band in all kinds of venues...nite clubs, weddings, birthdays, fund raisers, holiday parties and more!

Cheryl Renee
  Cheryl's latest CD: A dynamic and extremely popular bandleader, keyboardist, song stylist and reigning ‘Goddess' of the Blues, Cheryl presents her 2nd CD on the CHICKENBUTT label.

I BELIEVE YOU KNOW THE BLUES contains 5 songs from her 1st CD (out of print) featuring THE RENEE-RANDALL BLUES BAND from New England and 5 songs from the Tennessee based CHERYL RENEE's BLUES BAND.
  CD Review: Cheryl Renee is a meteorite, no doubt about it. She burns with a fiery intensity, she glows red hot, and she devastates all in her path.
- Charles Sawyer, author "The Arrival Of B.B.King"

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