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Peter Giftos - as told by AJ. . .
"Looking like Pete Townshend and sounding like Eric Clapton, it would seem inevitable that Giftos is a talented musician. If Townshend and Clapton are 2nd generation Blues performers influenced by Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Howling Wolf and B.B. King among others, then Giftos is a mentor of the 3rd generation of Blues masters . . ." Review: House of Blues Grand Opening 11/29/92: "Giftos is as comfortable transferring the Blues torch from one generation to another as he is performing live and onstage in front of a packed house. It is his unparalleled virtuosity that sets his Blues Party apart from countless other jams." "The Peter Giftos Blues Party - Gifted Giftos" by A.J. Wachtel: "In a time when Blues is re-emerging as a dynamic musical force, Giftos stands alone, like Townshend and Clapton before him, in his ability to translate what first generation bluesmen wrote into meaningful experiences and expressions in an explosive and not entirely different age."

Peter Giftos
Rosa's - Portsmouth, NH (circa 1990)
  Bands and "misc-adventures". . .
Peter & The Jaguars 1956-1962; The Four Shades 1962-1964; The Cumberlands 1964-1966; The Citations 1967-1969; "abstention" 1969-1990 (except for occasional "excursions" in the early '80's with his jam-band Primal Therapy and the infamous Blind Lemon Pledge and His All-Star Seeing Eye Dog Revue); Blue Genes (1990); Peter Giftos and The Blues Party 1990-"?"; Mighty Sam McClain (guitarist and band leader) 1995-1998...

Joy and Pain - Live in Europe (Crosscut/Ruf); Soul Survivor (AudioQuest); Journey (AudioQuest); Slegehammer Soul & Down Home Blues (AudioQuest); Testing The Waters (Tatnic); Sizzle (Event); Never On Sunday (Event); Live at Town Hall (WPOR)

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"Peter Giftos has a gift for playing tasteful Blues licks. Edgy solos . . . give him a definitive style" (Stacey Vermillion, CBA Magazine). "Giftos has a dirty guitar tone and a soulful style reminiscent of Clapton on a non-sellout day" (Jesse T., "Peter Giftos' solos on guitar are beautifully restrained and aching . . . " (Benoit Briere, Blues Bytes 1/2001). " . . . wonderful weeping guitar from Peter Giftos" (Gordon Baxter, Blues On Stage). " . . . the real masterpiece here; its gritty guitar intro and solo (compliments of Peter Giftos) and swampy, funky backbeat are pure cool" (Steve Walbridge, Blues Revue). " . . . model of restraint" (Juke Blues). " . . . con ottima chitarra blues di Peter Giftos . . . " (IL Blues).

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Peter Giftos (circa 1975)
Soft-shell clams?

University of Maine (circa 1964)
Some influences: Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, The Blues Project, Michael Bloomfield, Eric Clapton, and Eric Clam

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